Thursday, April 24, 2008


This is the apple tree in my front yard. On Monday there was just little buds all over but yesterday when I got home from work all the flowers had bloomed. This tree was one of the reasons my hubbie decided to buy this house. It really is stunning when it blooms.
Pretty, pretty little pink flowers.
Hope everyone is doing well. My foot is very slow but at least I think it is finally starting to mend. I had another surgery last Friday because it had become infected and the antibiotic wasn't really doing anything for it, but once he opened it, all the pressure was relieved.
Hope all of you working gals had a good Professional Administration week. One of my bosses took us out to lunch and then my other boss bought me a $75.00 gift certificate to Joanne's. I guess I need to be on the lookout for a coupon and stock up on blades and needles.
Haven't been sewing very much at all. Am hoping to get back to that shortly. I have 2 blocks left to make on my Web Sampler quilt and then I can start putting it together. I ordered my border fabric on Monday so hopefully it might be here by the weekend.
Well will check in later,
Hugs, Cindy

Friday, April 11, 2008


This afternoon I went to see the foot surgeon and I didn't get a good review. Apparently, I have an infection that has set in so it has taken me back some. He did some digging without any numbing and I thought that I was absolutely going to kill him. I am on a very strong antibiotic now and instead of soaking in epsom salt, I have to soak in peroside. If it is no better but next Friday, guess what, he is opening the incision again. I can hardly wait. I guess I will have to buy some more fabric to cheer me up--what do you all think?

I have posted some pictures of the quilt that I just got back from the quilter today. Perry's granddaughter, Katie, was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. Last year, Perry made a quilt and it was raffled off as a fundraiser. This year, I am donating a quilt to be raffled off and here it is. You will have to watch Perry's blog to watch for the details on how you can bid on this quilt. It was a BOM that I did from Homestead Hearth and it is made out of the Moda Chocolat line. My daughter even commented how beautiful it turned out. I love it.
Here's a picture of some of the star blocks

Couldn't get the whole quilt in. I believe it between a queen/king. So what do you gals think?
Hugs, Cindy

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Boy, I certainly don't know where the month of March went and now it is already April 10th. There have been alot of things going on with my family in the month of March. First thing was that darn flu bug. I haven't been that sick in a long time and it took some time to get back to my ole self. Then 3 weeks ago I had to undergo some foot surgery. I had a bone spur growing on the side of my toe and I had it removed 2 years ago but the thing came back. So this time, surgery was more intensive. It is improving day by day but I am still wearing white socks an open toe sandals. It is very tender and there is still alot of leakage which the doctor told me would be about six weeks. This has stopped me from sewing though because I really don't use my left foot at all to sew. One of my bosses' wives is pregnant with their second child so I decided I had better get my butt in gear and make the top to get it off to the quilters. I love how this quilt turned out and it is so bright and cheery. It only took me 3 days after work to piece this together.

The new baby's name with be Alexis and she is due on her big sister, Addison's first birthday, July 6th. Aren't they going to have their hands full.
I have been doing a lot of shopping though. I bought all the blocks for Patchwork Party and the finishing kit from Kimberly. I just love it and can't wait to start it. First thing though is I am bound and determined to finish my Web Sampler quilt. I am done to my last 6 finishing blocks and to order my border fabrics and put it all together.
Then I ordered the kit from Dandelion Girl. Boy do I love this fabric also. It is so calming to me. Perry turned me on to a new quilt shop when she went to a quilt show. It is called Lillies Classic Quilts and Debbie is the owner. I have purchased a few kits from her over the last couple of months. She definitely has an eye on putting fabrics together. This quilt store is also going to have a quilt in the new Quilt Sampler which I think will be out on May 10th.
Have been really busy at work also which doesn't make me a very happy camper--it just makes me so stressed out because it never seems that I can see the light of day. I really need to go in one weekend but I hate to do that because then it seems like I have no spare time at all.
I guess Carol and Sharon are at the Chicago quilt show by now. Hope they both have a wonderful time and of course, don't spend too much money. LOL.
Well gals, must go for now, phone is ringing. I will check back in tomorrow.