Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Well this is what I woke up to this morning. I knew that they were calling for a snow storm last night but it started much earlier than they anticipated. I was just going upstairs to get dressed and looked outside and decided I was going to take a floating holiday. It is just a very miserable day to be out on the roads. This is looking out my bay window into the backyard.This picture was taken from my front door and I was trying to get a picture of it still snowing. It is supposed to be like this most of the day, then it is going to turn to freezing rain and then turn back to snow later on tonight. So I thought it was a good day to stay at home, do a few little chores and then sew.

Below is the package on got from Lisa on Saturday. This is the leftover fabric that Lisa used for her Valentine's Day quilt that I am going to use to make me one. It won't be for this Valentine's Day and I sure hope it will be finished for next Valentine's Day. Aren't they beautiful. Thank you so much Lisa for sending me these, I love them.

Well for some reason I am getting the blame for starting us on a new challenge, the new Web Sampler quilt. It is just beautiful. Well I guess they need someone to blame right for instigating this and I guess I am the one that they are pointing the finger at. That's fine, at least I am not alone in with project. I have one of my blocks finished but I am going to wait until next Monday to post that one. I am hoping to have another block done by that point. I am concentrating right now on getting caught up with my BOM's so I don't get way far behind so that is my goal for this week.
Well off to get some mini chores done and then sew, sew, sew.
Hugs, Cindy


Lisa D. said...

I hope you are able to get some sewing done today! I'd love to have another snow day, but then again, I like that our weather has warmed up! Oh and we're not BLAMING you for the Web Sampler, we're giving you CREDIT! It's a great idea and will be a fun project!

Carol said...

What an unexpected treat! Just like when we were kids and they called a snow day. Hope you get lots of sewing done...and thank you for getting us going on this project...I think it's going to be tons of fun.

Ginger Patches said...

Oh it definitely sounds like a good plan to stay home and sew! Looks like you got some cute fabric--have a fun "floating" holiday :)

Gena in Dallas said...

Thanks for sharing the lovely snow pics. You know I am envious of your white winters. My winters are very brown and dull. Dormant grass and trees have no personality unless they are glistening with ice or laden with ice. Not here.... although one year we had several inches of snow on Valentine's Day. This year we are probably going to have rain. Enjoy it while you can...and thanks again. Wish I could join the Web Sampler Challenge... I can play along inmy dreams.

Perry said...

Poor Baby! Had to stay home and couldn't go out to play in the snow, lol. Glad you had some time, I think you needed it. We don't post next Monday on the Challenge "you" started, lol, it is every 2 weeks. AND you have been tagged! Take a peak at my blog.

Cheryl said...

Beautiful pictures. And a day to stay home and sew, how wonderful!