Thursday, March 6, 2008


It has been awhile since I have posted but the last few weeks have certainly been in a blur. The flu bug caught up with me about 3 weeks ago and at the beginning I was in bed for 3 1/2 days. My husband and I had the flu shot his year and it certainly didn't stop this strain that we got. It started out as a typical flu and then I am prone to getting bronchitis and that is how it ended up. It really has wiped out my energy and therefore my house is really showing the consequences of that now. Then 2 days after I got sick my husband got sick again. This is the fourth time he has been sick this winter and he is still coughing up a storm. I told him the other day he should get to the doctors but of course, do men listen. Nope, not at all.

Perry challenged me to talk about my new iron so here it goes.
I always have had Rowenta irons and I was so tired after using them for awhile they would start leaking and ruining all my ironing boards. After the fall quilt market, one of the quilt stores that I go to for my first Saturday class bought this iron and was talking about it and said anyone interested they could order one for us because they come from Canada. So I said, I course you never had enough irons and I NEED one. I have fallen in love with this iron. It is called "Velocity". I am sure anyone that is interested in this iron can do a google search and bring up all the information on it. It is a digital iron and has its own separate steam generator. I want to tell you, this sucker really gets hot and hot fast. There is a separate button you can push for the steam and the steam has 2 settings of its own. I think I have used this iron for about a month now andI absolutely love it and would not go back to using any other iron. It does have an automatic shutoff and you just hit the button when you are ready to use it again and it just takes a few second to heat up again.

Haven't been working on that much lately. I am working on my Web Sampler blocks and I think I have 8 finished. I will post pictures of those on Monday. I am also working on my BOM's because of course I am really behind on those and trying to get caught up.

I am not a very patient person and right now I am waiting for so much stuff to come in so I can order it. My problem is when I see it I want it NOW. I am patiently waiting for the kit for Dandelion Girl which is supposed to be available in March. Doesn't Moda know that it is March and I want it NOW. I am also waiting to do the new Spring Patchwork Party quilt and that isn't so bad, I only have to wait until April 1st for that. Then the new Quilt Sampler will be out and I am certain that there will be tons of quilts in there that I must make. Like I don't have anything to do.

Well I am off right now to go and make some dinner. I am half Polish and tonight I am making Haluska. It's very good and very simple. It is basicially noodles and cabbage.

Hope everyone has a good night and will talk more soon.

Hugs, Cindy


Anonymous said...

I'm trying to be patient waiting for Dandelion Girl too. If your recipe for noodles and cabbage isn't too long and detailed, might you post the recipe some time? I did 6 Web Sampler blocks and lost interest for now, have to get going on them again. Hope you and your husband are on the mend. Nancy in WI

Carol said...

It is so good to have you back again...take it slow so that crud doesn't hit you again. Way too many projects and not enough time...where can we get more time????????? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gena in Dallas said...

I'd like to see the recipe as well. Sounds yummy!! Pretty please????

Beth said...

I hope you and your husband are feeling better each and everyday. This winter has been terrible with all kinds of sickness. I do hope you get your projects soon, we wouldn't want you to get fussy!

Lisa D. said...

Being sick just takes the spunk right out of you. I am glad to hear that you are starting to feel better and wanting to get back to your sewing.

Perry said...

You promised me that all of this sickness would be over once we got to March! Hah! You told me a story! March is 1/3 over and we are both still feeling lousy some of the time! Some friend you are!! :>)

Nicole said...

Are you feeling better yet Cindy? You have been quiet for too long!

Niecie said...

Hi Cindy, Can you tell me which Velocity Iron you got? Thanks Denise