Monday, November 12, 2007


First thing, Happy Veteran's Day. Thank you to all the men and women who have served and continue to serve our country to make us free. I special thanks goes to my DH for his 25 years of service the Navy. I am so very proud of you.

I can't believe it has been over a week since I have posted. Where has time gone. Last week at work I have been totally swamped. It sure does make the days go fast but by the end of the day I am beat and still have things to do at home.

There are no pictures today but tomorrow I will take some pictures of what I have been up to.

My husband has really been under the weather and we spent 2 days in the ER last week. He has developed a fisture of the esophagus and he had surgery on this 4 years ago and it is acting up again. So now we are having surgery again this Wednesday. I don't remember him being so sick with the last one, but with this one he can hardly eat and when he does he says he feels like he is choking. So therefore I spent the weekend trying to figure out things he could eat. The only thing that made him comfortable was chicken broth with noodles and chocolate pudding. I made a big pot of potatoe soup and grinded up the potatoes real small and he actually got a bowl of that down last night.

What have I been working on, let's see. I belong to an on-line Kansas Troubles group and I was making 3 birthday blocks over the weekend and made them totally wrong. In the garbage they went. Then I made 2 others blocks to finish a quilt off. This one is going to take me awhile to get together because the outside border is all 3 1/2" blocks but it is going to be so beautiful when it is done. And then of course I have been working on my blue work snowmen a couple of hours a week. I have my last class for that tonight.

Well I better get off and get some work done. I hope you all have a great Monday. I will be back tomorrow with pictures.


Jean said...

Cindy, I'm interested in finding out more about the Kansas Trouble Quilts... not sure where to look? I really like your Spider Quilt!
Thanks. Jean

Perry said...

Sorry Joe is feeling so bad, Cindy. I hope Wednesday goes well. Post some of your snowmen, please. Would love to see them. Hugs!

Carol said...

Cindy I am so sorry to hear your hubby is feeling so bad. I'll be sending good thoughts on Wednesday. I'm looking forward to your pics. I'm finishing a second Nov lottery block for KT today. One more thing off the list. Take care! Big Hugs!

Lisa D. said...

I've missed hearing from you Cindy - sorry you are so stressed out with work and a sick hubby. Hugs!

mar said...

Hope Hubby is feeling better soon, would love to see your snowmen!

sharon said...

Sorry to hear about your hubby. I hope things are going ok for him. And that the surgery is a success. Hang in there.