Monday, January 14, 2008


As you know, this is Challenge Week #6 and I have nothing to report. I only have one border to get on and I am so hoping to get that done this week. You probaby have already checked with Nicole, Lisa and Perry and saw that they have had more progress than I did.

On another note, Nicole challenged us to show pictures of our sewing room table so here are pictures of mine. I am really ashamed to show them and now you know why I can't find anything. See Nicole and Lisa, I told you it was bad. Do I win a prize for disorganization? LOL.

Just forget about 15 items, I might just have about 15 unfinished projects on this table. I am slowly working my way through these BOM and just when I thought I had finished with these churn dash blocks this weekend, I found that I have to make 12 more. URGH. This will have to wait until after I put my borders on my challenge quilt.

Also received today in the mail my first package of the week from The Fat Quarter Shop. I will probably be getting 2 packages this week. I sure love getting packages from Kimberly just for the packaging she does. This is the first block of the BOM called "Butterfly Kisses". I ordered the backing too so I would already have that. Isn't it pretty. Can't wait to start on this one. I am not going to fall behind on this one.

Well need to get off and run the sweeper and throw some more laundry in. Have some potatoes in the oven for dinner and have to figure out what else I am going to make. I think my camera needs new batteries. It keeps on going dead everytime I turn it on. I thought I had put new ones in but these must have been older batteries too. Then it will be off to the sewing room.

Talk to everyone soon.


Perry said...

And who was it that said she wasn't going to do any BOMs this year? lol....I just knew your sewing table would be worse than anyone else's. I need to get my picture up.

Latharia said...

LOL...looks like the work surface of a highly creative individual, to me! :D

Lisa D. said...

Um yes, it looks like a very active workspace!! 15 unfinished projects? Is that all? Looks like some fun stuff there, though, wish I could come play in your piles! I love that block of the month, so beautiful!