Monday, January 21, 2008


Well I have one more week to get my borders on. I am under pressure now. LOL. Have you checked with Perry, Nicole and Lisa, they sure did make a lot of progress this week and are catching up with me. The pressure is on now. I must get my qult finished this week.

It was so cold here over the weekend and I started to straighten my sewing table. Can you believe it. Yes I did. You wouldn't believe the things that I started to uncover. One of the projects was the winter Patchwork Party blocks. Well since Spring is right around the corner and will probably bring a new Patchwork Party I decided I better finish the 2 I have. I only have the borders to put on the spring one and now I am working on the winter one. I must say, I love the fabrics chosen for the fall/winter party. Has anyone else participated in these. I must say I am addicted and am looking forward to the ones that will be offerd in 2008. IStay turned. I will post pictures of the blocks I finished over the weekend tomorrow.

The weather here has been dreadful. It has been so cold. This morning when I went to work it was 6 degrees. Yes that was 6 degrees above zero. Yes you heard it right, even though the court house was closed my firm was still open. I hated it. I should have been home keeping warm and sewing. Temperatures are supposed to remain the same tomorrow but now they are saying it is supposed to start snowing tomorrow afternoon. Great, just want I wanted to hear.

Well until tomorrow, keep warm.



Perry said...

Perry has basically made on progress on her challenge this week. I believe you are just rearranging your sewing table, lol, and it is still piled to the sky. Your weather is dreadful; glad I don't live up there, I would freeze to death. It is 35 at the moment here, and the wind is blowing, sounds like a banshee howling. Keep warm!

Juliann in WA said...

I cannot imagaine that kind of cold. Hope you are finding a nice quilt to keep you warm.

Lisa D. said...

Keep warm, Cindy. I will look forward to seeing your progress on the challenge as well as your patchwork party quilt! I haven't participated in any of those (yet), but they are quite intriguing!

Carol said...

6 degrees...OMG...I wouldn't be able to leave my house. That's the Florida girl talking. LOL!