Thursday, February 14, 2008


Happy Valentine's Day to all of you. Well I must certainly be loved this year because Joe sent me these beautiful roses to my office. (I know he has something else hidden so I have to wait until he gets home from work for that). The florist that he has been using for the past couple years does a fabulous job, they put other arrangements that others gals in my office were receiving to shame. I called the florist to thank her and tell her what a wonderful job she did and she said we always want our arrangements to stand out and they certainly did. Since we got married 21 years ago, Joe has always made sure that I had a dozen of red roses on Valentine's Day, even when he was deployed and overseas. Even though there are times I look at him and think why in the world did I get married, at times like this I will keep him.

7 Random Things About Me
I've been tagged by a few fellow bloggers so I'm sharing 7 random things about me...firstTHE RULES:
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Well here we go:
1. I love Starbucks coffee to the point that is about all I drink every day. We have Starbucks coffee packets in our office to make the individual pots of coffee and believe you me, there is always a pot of coffee on. At home, I have a Tassimo coffee maker and Starbucks has finally come out for the discs for them, they are a little expensive but that doesn't stop me.
2. I hate to get up in the mornings. My alarm goes off at 5:20 and I automatically shut it off. Yes you heard me I shut it off, not hit the snooze button> I then fall back to sleep for about 20 minutes. I don't know what wakes me up, but I do. One of these days I am not going to wake up for work in time.
3. I cannot pass up a quilt that has already been made into a kit. I know it really is a sickness but I cannot pass up quilts that they have already picked out the fabrics.
4. I don't like to be late and don't have much tolerance for excuses people use for being late especially to work.
5. I am addicted to reality shows and soap operas. I limit myself though on the soap operas. I usually watch the Soap Net at night recently because there is nothing else now.
6. I love spicy black jelly beans. I would always get on my mother's nerves because at Easter time I buy the bags of spicy jelly beans, take all the black ones out and throw the rest of them away.
7. I love all kinds of music but I especially love Tom Jones. When we lived in Mississippi my husband and I went to see one of his concerts and women were still throwing their panties at him. My daughter just can't get it but who cares.
I am not going to specifically tag anyone because it seems like everyone has been tagged in the past few days. I'm just asking if you haven't been tagged, tell us 7 things about yourself.
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Hope everyone has a good night.
Hugs, Cindy


Carol said...

What a sweetheart! Can't wait to see what's hidden :-)

Gena in Dallas said...

The roses are gorgeous. Lucky girl! Does he have a twin brother?? LOL

Lisa D. said...

What beautiful roses! So what was hidden for later? Hope you had a wonderful evening!

Vickie E said...

I tagged you too LOL!