Thursday, December 27, 2007


Today is the first day that I have been home by myself since before Xmas and to tell you the truth I am enjoying the piece and quiet. I heard Joe getting ready for work this morning so I just got up with him. Have lots to do to start to straighten this mess up around here but decided to go to the quilt store to see what their after Xmas sales was like. I really didn't get that much at all as you can see. I got the new Fons and Porter because Perry told me there was some things in there that I must make, I got a kit for a Xmas table runner and 2 FQ that I am collecting for our tree/present quilt. Not much at all, even shocked myself. Than went to Barnes & Nobles to buy some new books. I always read for about a half hour before I go to sleep ever night, reading makes me tired. Like I said, I am very behind around here even with being after from work. I was truly exhausted from getting ready for Xmas and now preparing for the New Year. I am going to go in my sewing room this afternoon and work on my challenge quilt. I am doing the laundry which I am 2 weeks behind so I think it will probably take me 2 days to get caught on up that and then have to do ironing tomorrow.

Hope you all are enjoying your holidays.

Hugs, Cindy


Juliann in WA said...

Haven't been out to shop yet but was thinking about hitting the quilt store tomorrow. What books did you get at Barnes and Noble?

Lisa D. said...

I know you will enjoy having some time off to get refreshed and reacquainted with your sewing machine. Enjoy. You did very well at the after Christmas sales. I am so burnt out from shopping, I don't want to set foot in a store for a while!

Perry said...

So, did you like what was in the Fons and Porter? I don't even remember what I liked in there now and couldn't find the mag if I tried, lol.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Hi Cindy,
Hey I hadn't thought of going to a quilt shop for the after xmas sales. LOL!!! Maybe I'll do that tomorrow. Went to Target today though. I'm ready to take this stuff down.

Sherry said...

I found some great buys the day after Christmas, but then I thought hey I say "simplify" but I keep buying more stuff to stuff in my house! LOL Crazy! Love your blog. Happy New Year!