Monday, December 10, 2007


Well it is Monday so I am here to report on my weekly challenge project. This week I believe I have sewed all of my 2" strips together and cut them into 2" segments and 6 1/2" segments. There is one particular fabric in this line I decided I do not like. It has a pretty floral in it but it has some lines and they didn't cut right so I don't think I will be using them in the body of the quilt. I then have started sewing my 2" segments into 4 patches.

The strips in the back are my 6 1/2" strips, then my 2" stripes, then my pinned 2" strips, then the 4 patches I have finished. So that is my progress for the week. Hope to have some more done by next Monday. Don't forget to check with Nicole, Lisa and Perry on there progress. I love the fabrics that Nicole just got for her challenge. That is going to be wonderful.

I used 2 different settings on the camera today to figure out which one would come out better. I think I like the first picture and I believe that was the one on automatic.

This weekend just flew by. Started Xmas shopping yesterday and boy what a treat that is. Didn't even make a dent. I am going to try to go out a couple times after work this week and I am hoping to be done by the weekend so I can start baking. That is the fun part and it always makes the house smell so good.

Has anyone been checking out The Fat Quarter Shop for the month of December. Kimberly has been having some fantastic sales on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays during Christmans and I have been picking up some great deals especially on Christmas fabrics. She is also starting to get some of the new FQ bundles in already.

Not too much else is exciting here. The weather has been dark and gloomy and the snow turned into rain. I don't really mind the rain so much but then we have some of that icy stuff which I don't like. I have the news on right now and they are starting to talk about the ice storm that is coming from the mid west. I better go watch this.

Hugs, Cindy


Perry said...

You are right, the first picture looks better. I think I always use Auto so I don't have to think. You are coming along with your quilt challenge, and before you know it it will be done. And I haven't even started, lol.

Nicole said...

Oh lord, you are so far ahead of me. I don't even have my fabric cut out yet! And I have heat and power.

Lisa D. said...

Wow, that's a lot of work you've accomplished so far. Look at that huge pile of blocks!!! I can't wait to see yours come together, it looks like it will be fabulous.

Cheryl said...

What fun you ladies are having on your challenge! Great to see all the progess you all are making. I also use the auto setting, seems to work best for me! Nice to find your blog. Good luck shopping!