Saturday, December 1, 2007


Can any of you believe that it is already December 1st. As some of you might have been imagining me and 3 of my blogging friends, Nicole, Lisa, and Perry have started our challenge quilt today. The guidelines are that todaywe are supposed to annouce what our fabric selection is and what pattern we have choosen.

I am also using the book by Marsha McClosey and Sharon Evans Yenter called "Blended Quilts". I am going to make the quilt called "Victoria's Garden" but if any of you know me I have to enlarge the quilt. The finished size is 76 1/2 x 88 1/2. As the pattern stands now, it is 5 blocks across/6 rows. I am thinking that I should make it 6 x 6. Does anyone else have any thoughts about this.

This is my fabric selection. The fabrics on the right are my border fabrics and my focal fabric and the ones on the right are for the inside blocks. It is from the new Mary Rose collection which I absolutely fell in love with. So my quilt shall have a lot of florals in it. There is quite a bit of cutting for this quilt and that will have to wait until tomorrow.

My DH and I are really big "Dancing With the Star" fans. Well tonight they are having a local Dancing With the Celebrities event which consists of a lot of radio, tv and band celebrities. The proceeds benefit Children's Hospital so when we heard it advertised we decided we had to go. I am excited about this because it means I don't have to cook dinner tonight. LOL.

Not too much else is new around here except we are supposed to get a big storm tonight. I hope it doesn't start until after we get home. It is supposed to be the dangerous stuff, snow, sleet and ice which I absolutely hate. It is supposed to change over to rain tomorrow and that is good because I really have to start Xmas shopping and then I have some work that I brought home to get done. It is really making me very nervous that I am so behind at work and am planning on taking time off for the holidays.

Well off to do some laundry and sew some. Hope you all will come back and check on our Challenge project.



Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Your fabrics are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing the fun with us.

Lisa D. said...

Ooo - Cindy - your fabrics are so pretty! I had to LOL about your having to make the quilt bigger. 6x6 would make it a nice size, I think. I can't wait to see it develop!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Love your fabric choice Cindy!

Carol said...

Love your's going to be yummy! GO STEELERS!

Nicole said...

That is going to be beautiful! I love anything by Mary Rose.

Perry said...

Cindy,I did post a message here, but I guess I didn't save it. Anyway, this fabric will make a beautiful Victoria's Garden. Just add a row acrss the top and one across the bottom. That will enlarge it enough to suit you. Oh, I hope the Steelers get whipped by NE next weekend, ROFLOL!!!