Tuesday, October 9, 2007


First, please let me thank everyone for the comments that were left on my first blog. I tried to comment on each of them, but if your specific e-mails weren't left then my response e-mail bounced back. I apologize and I will try better the next time. I am still learning so be patient.

Is anyone else obsessed about block of the months like I am? I am really addicted to these. Right now I am doing 4 of them from Homestead Hearth, 2 from the Fat Quarter Shop with 2 more from Kimberly starting in 2008 and I am doing 2 first Saturday/last Saturday at my 2 local quilt stores. I know why I do them from the local quilt stores. With these I am able to go in the shops and see (and feel) all the new fabrics that have come in the last month but then I have the problem of not buying anything. That usually doesn't work at all especially if my friends are with me. So my question to all of you, is how do I stop this obession?

Right now I am finishing up one of the BOM from Homesteady Hearth made out of Moda's Chocolat line. Hopefully, I can share a picture of this by the end of the week.

Until the next time, Cindy


Suzan said...

I haven't a clue as to how to stop your BOM obsession! I know that every time I go into a LQS my good intentions fly out the window, I find myself touching ALL the new fabric and I ALWAYS buy something!
Congratulations on jumping into the blogging world.

Lisa D. said...

Welcome to a new blogger! I am a recent BOM convert, too. Homestead Hearth has the best ones ever. I am doing 3 from them right now and obsessively checking their website for new ones I might want to join!

Suzan said...

Hi Cindy - I have added my email address in my "personal info" on my blog. Got the cat panel at a LQS in Lancaster County. It is Maywood Studios fabric and you can find it on eBay right now for $2!

Sharon said...

Hi Cindy,
Pictures??? Where are your pictures?? LOL Are you still working on that one?? You'll get it just hang in there.

PamKittyMorning said...

Hi There! Welcome to blogland! Thanks for commenting. You can catch a picture of Elizabeth's BOM at Sandy's website, its a link in the first paragraph of my post on PIQF today!