Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Well, it is Tuesday already that means I have only 3 more wakeups until I can sleep in. There won't be much sleeping in for me on Saturday because I have my $5.00 quilt class and maybe I will get to see some sneak peek things from market. The block on the left is just an extra block and the blocks on the right are the regular monthly blocks. You are only required to make one but if you make extras you get an extra ticket to win the door prize. Then, if you bring a show and tell, you get a ticket for the door prize. So this week I will have 6 extra tickets and want to you want to bet I won't win a darn thing. LOL. You see that stack of blocks behind Saturday's block. Well that is to go with my snowman tabletopper and you will see a picture of the finished project by the end of the week.

Then the kitchen renovations are coming along......SLOW. This is a picture of the ceiling that my DH is repairing after tearing out the bulkhead. I don't know how he took this picture upside down by you get the effect, don't you. I am hoping that the painting is going to get done this weekend. He was not really exerting himself this weekend so he needs to make up for it this weekend.

Is everyone having treat-or-treat tomorrow night? We are and I don't even have my candy yet. Guess I will be stopping tomorrow night on the way home to pick some up. I don't know how many kids we will get but it is supposed to be a really nice night. Last year, it was raining so I am sure we are going to get more kids this year because it should be in the 60's. It has been getting really cold at night and warming up in the day. Like this kind of weather.

Well off to start dinner. Have a good night.



Sharon said...

Love the new ceiling!!! LOL!!! Happy trick or treating tomorrow!!

Lisa D. said...

Pretty blocks!!!! Good luck with all your extra chances at the drawing. I bet you will win something!

Perry said...

Cindy, I like these blocks. They are different. So how is the ceiling coming? lol

Darlene said...

I'm a huge fan of Glad Creations Mystery by Mail kits, too. They have a wonderful system.

Just discovered your beautiful blog.