Sunday, October 21, 2007


I can't believe that is Sunday night and somewhere as I am writing this, my choice of font has disappeared. Now can someone tell me where that has went?

Callianne's first birthday was today and it was a beautiful day. Here is my first picture to my blog of Callianne with her mom Ashley. I sure do need some more practice on taking pictures because this one is kind of blurry, but at least I have attempted it. It is more difficult that I thought it would be.

Didn't get much sewing done at all this weekend Have my blue work snowman class tomorrow night so will try to upload a picture of that on Tuesday. This week will be hectic as I have to get all of the housework done after working a full day but that's okay.

Hayy Monday everyone


mar said...

A picture!!! Congratulations! Happy Birthday Callianne. :-)

Perry said...

Yea!!! There is a picture!!! I am so impressed. Yes, it is blurry, but what the hey. If the camera has an automatic setting you need to find it, lol. I feel your pain at having to go to work.

Lisa D. said...

What a cute picture!

Sharon said...

That little girl is too cute, even blurry!! LOL